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Scroll down for pictures of triplets (bikes for three riders) and beyond--quads, quints, one hex, and one dec (bicycle for ten riders). Most of these are "straight" bikes--all rider positions on one frame. Mileposters have often added a Burley Piccolo or other trailer cycle to a tandem or triplet to make a bike with more places. After a couple of years with an Adams Tandem Trail-A-Bike, we went to the Burley design exclusively, and one of our 20-inch tandems, a custom convertible design with an S&S-coupled tongue, has now been fitted with a Piccolo hitch for use behind our Moose Rack-equipped triplet and tandems. Mostly, pictures at the top of the page are of bikes owned by tandem@hobbes members and friends; at the bottom are various Mileposters efforts, along with the decuplet. Also at the bottom is a link to the Rhoades Car site.

On May 19, 2009, the three Tour de Revs pastors visited Wexford, PA, near Pittsburgh, with their Craig Calfee bamboo triplet. They completed their 100-day tour with 66 stops in the U. S. and Puerto Rico, raising support for Lutheran World Hunger. Although the tour covered about 13,000 miles, they rode only about 5,000 of that due to contact commitments.

They kept their Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires inflated to 85psi, and had eight spares in the support van.

Two Mileposters riders enjoyed sitting on their bike.

The original Mileposters "articulated quint"(also seen at the bottom of the page) made a surprise appearance on September 5, 2009, pictured with the group leader, in his tandem@hobbes jersey, with four stokers, at Milepost 37, on the Youghiogheny River Trail, part of the Great Allegheny Passage, in Cedar Creek County Park.

Richard Briggs had Greenspeed make the seat attachments to carry the canoe, and the child's seat is a creation of someone in Ottawa. S&S couplings, 14-speed Rohloff hub. Thanks to Brian Martin for calling this to our attention. One of our riders wants us to get a canoe carrier, too, so she can enjoy the shade on long rides!

Larry Gremaux with his sons on their convertible quad

The Mark Johnson family on their quint--a picture which greatly inspired Mileposters efforts in the same direction

And on their quad

Triplet expanded to quad with their custom adapter

Detail of the special Johnson device for very small kids, adaptable to a tandem, triplet, or quad, to increase positions by one

Quad turned into a quint, using the same device

Lil Pfluke and her triplet team at the beach in New Hampshire (cross-country trip)

An earlier shot, descending the Alpe d'Huez on the Limosine

The Findlay McClellan girls on their triplet

The Winyard Family Quad

The Roger Davis team

The Davis blue Piccolo "articulated triplet"

Team Seto, featuring the Prince of Wales and the Warrior Queen of Connacht
(triplet Cerberus equipped with an ice-cream seeking device!)

Team Hayes, Midwest Tandem Rally

Close up, at the Northwest Tandem Rally

The Blunt Family, Michigan

Closeup of the diagonal child conversion setup

Andrew Mor and stokers, with a unicycle in the background--not theirs!

Fun on a triplet!

One way to start stokers young!

Team Boooger

Boooger at night!

The Penn State "Six Pack" hex on the Five Boro Bike Tour in New York City

The Braunsteins on their triplet, Memorial Day 2007, training for their daughter's first long trip

June 2008, on the Tour de Cure benefit ride

From Down Under--Melbourne--this one from Paul McKay, showing Julia doing something
different with a triplet--and soon to have a section added to make a quad

Another triplet about to become a quad--to replace that trailer: the Kerkemeyer family riding on Ford Island, Hawaii

The Meixner team from NJ

Inspired by the Meixner team, the heavily-used Mileposters "articulated quad"--a very successful machine, made by combining our Chuck's Bikes triplet with a Burley Piccolo

Our first "articulated quint"

Before and after pictures of our convertible "articulated quint" on its first live test, with an experienced team of evaluators--as a bike for five, and then split into a triplet and an independent 20-inch tandem, which was made available to us by tandem@hobbes member Bill Connors

Mileposters "articulated triplet"

Mileposters double tandem--our original Huffy Savannah tandem (long since gone) plus an Adams Tandem Trail-A-Bike, displaced by Burley Piccolos due to the sloppiness of the connecting joint--not a true articulated design

Decuplet (bicycle for ten) by Zureks (Poland) from Wikimedia Commons
Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Although this page focuses on inline machines which are extensions of ordinary bicycles, the possibility of a four-wheeled machine has always intrigued me. At least two showed up on the Youghiogheny River Trail in the early days, and here is a link to the Rhoades Car site:


The Allegheny Trail Alliance Web site has maps and many links to information on trails in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and West Virginia.

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