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More than fifteen adults have been trained as captains. Only two (besides the group leader) have qualified to captain a triplet. We use Bill McCready's "The Proper Method" for the procedure used by the captain (the first rider) and stokers (all the rest). In September of 2007 we began a program for younger captains, training them to take the helm of a tandem--six have qualified, and in 2014 one of them handled a four-day trip. The captain steers, balances, and brakes the tandem, and is responsible for the safety of the accompanying stokers. Riding a tandem involves a lot more than two people simply clambering onto a bike together. After a break-in period of riding the tandem alone, usually from 10 to 20 miles, each trainee gets a chance to ride a similar distance with a carefully selected stoker. If the ride goes well, the new captain has qualified. Experienced stokers usually make very good captains, since they are thoroughly familiar with the procedures. Special thanks to tandem@hobbes member Bill Connors of Philadelphia, who facilitated the acquisition of our first 20-inch tandem --it is a critical piece in the program. We've also acquired a second 20-inch tandem.

Our newest trail mom on a training ride in 2018, who qualified as captain on April 22, 2019

Our second new captain of the year, with his stoker, on his qualifying ride, June 28, 2019

Our new captains for 2018: adult (in the green shirt) and youth (his daughter, on his right) with other riders, qualifying day, September 2, 2018

Our then-newest trail mom (2015), qualifying day, August 7, 2015

Our first new trail mom of the year, qualifying day, May 24, 2015

Fourth trail mom and riders, qualifying day, June 27, 2009, West Newton

Our second trail mom, captaining an articulated triplet at West Newton, Yough Trail

Our other triplet captain, qualifying day, September 24, 2006, Eliza Furnace Trail

Only the group leader captains quads and quints.

MAIN- ACTIVITIES- WASHINGTON, DC 2005- 2006- 2008- 2010- CUMBERLAND 2007- 2009- 2011- HISTORY- MORE
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